Tarek El-Telmissany

Tarek El-Telmissany (Arabic: طارق التلمساني‎) (April 22, 1950 is one of the most famous cinematographers in Egypt, the Middle East and Africa. Worked as a Director of Photography for documentary films since 1980. A Director of Photography at the National Cinema Center since 1983. Tarek El-Telmissany has a unique style in lighting which he learned from his professors in "VGIK" The Gerasimov All-Russian State Institute of Cinematography in Russia. He is also credited as Tariq El Telmesani, Tarek Al Telmissany. El-Telmissany was born in Cairo, in a very artistic family. His uncle was Kamel El-Telmissany was a leading artist. Together with Ramses Younan, Adam Henein, Fouad Kamel and others he was a founder of Art and Liberty in the 1940s. Kamel then ventured into narrative cinema, initially to further propagate the group's brand of surrealism. He soon moved into realist mode, directing the landmark Al-Souq Al-Souda (Black Market) which was banned for almost four years. His father Hassan, followed Kamel into film, becoming a cinematographer employed by Shell Oil's filmmaking department which produced films about all aspects of Egyptian life – cultural, economic and social.


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