Stacy Woodard

Stacy Robert Woodard (born June 11, 1902 Salt Lake City, Utah, died 27 January 1942 New York City, age 39) was a producer, cinematographer, and editor of nature films, who with his brother Horace Woodard edited Frank Buck’s film Fang and Claw. Stacy Woodard was the son of Robert F. Woodard, listed as a gasoline salesman on the 1910 US Census, and Christine Woodard. Stacy was educated at the Universities of Chicago and Arizona, specializing in biology. Before entering motion pictures he took part in surveys in the West and Alaska. The two brothers, Stacy and Horace Woodard, cooperated in every aspect of the making of the "Struggle to Live" series of one-reel films for Educational-Fox ("Struggle for Life," "Life in the Deep," and "Man, the Enigma"), sharing the producing, writing, photographing, directing and editing. These pictures displayed the masterly use of the microscopic camera, devised by Stacy Woodard, a huge apparatus weighing two tons, erected in the garage of its inventor's Santa Monica home.





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