Srđan Dragojević

Srđan Dragojević (Serbian: Срђан Драгојевић, pronounced [sř̩dʑan drâɡojeʋitɕ], born January 1, 1963 in Belgrade) is a Serbian film director and screenwriter, who emerged in the 1990s as a significant figure in Serbian cinema. Since 2010, he has been a member of the Socialist Party of Serbia's (SPS) main board. Born to a journalist father who headed a state-owned Belgrade-based newspaper and a French translator mother, Dragojević described himself as "the child of middle-level communist nomenklatura in Serbia". In his early youth, Dragojević played with the punk/new wave band called TV Moroni. He also dabbled in journalism, writing for Polet and Start magazines. He obtained a degree in clinical psychology from the University of Belgrade's Faculty of Philosophy. In 1987 he started studying film and TV direction at the University of Arts' Faculty of Dramatic Arts (FDU) under the tutelage of Bajo Šaranović and got another degree. In parallel, Dragojević was active in poetry, publishing a book of poems called Knjiga akcione poezije (The Book of Action Poetry) in 1986 and winning Branko's Award for it.




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