Seiji Chiba

Seiji Chiba (千葉誠治, Chiba Seiji, born November 11, 1964) is a Japanese film director and producer. He moved to the United State in 1990 and studied various aspects of filmmaking at Los Angeles City College, ranging from directing, and screenwriting to editing. After graduating from LACC, he returned to Japan and directed/produced a self-financed film, Two of Us, in 1995. He joined a film production firm and honed his skills as a producer. His commercial directorial debut was in 2001 with A Tale of a Desert Island (Mujintō Monogatari). He has since worked on a variety of projects as a director, producer, and screenwriter. The movies Chiba directed include, Ganryu Island (Ganryūjima), Toho's 2003 period film starring Masahiro Motoki. In 2004 he directed Messiah (Meshia) and D.P. Chiba's expertise as a period action movie director is evident in The Rebel Ninjas (Tenshō Iga no Ran, 2005), The Rebel Ninjas, Abduction (Iga no Ran, Kōsoku, 2007), Warring Nations, The Rebel Ninjas (Sengoku Iga no Ran, 2009) and The Fugitive Ninja (Nukenin, 2009). His most recent films are the sci-fi action thriller Alien vs Ninja (2010) and The Kunoichi: Ninja Girl (2011). Chiba established North CKY, Inc.


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