Regan Burns

Regan Burns (born June 14, 1968, in Fort Benning, Georgia) is an American comedian. He is known for various small roles in TV commercials and programs. Burns's humor is often characterized by his high, enthusiastic voice tone and somewhat gawky, wide-eyed facial expressions. Burns hosted the game show Oblivious, in which Burns acted as someone or something (an artist or golf instructor, for instance) and asked a contestant a series of five questions in conversation. The contestant wouldn't realize it was a hoax until all questions had been asked. They would then receive money for answering questions. Burns's other work includes a role in the 2005 movie The Island and commentary for several E! shows. He played the arsonist Alan Shepard on Comedy Central's Halfway Home and plays a recurring character on Fox News Channel's The 1/2 Hour News Hour. He also appeared as a citizen of Reno, Nevada in the Reno 911! episode The Tanning Booth Incident and had a cameo in the direct-to-DVD movie Get Smart's Bruce and Lloyd: Out of Control as a lab tech.


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