Randa Chahal Sabag

Randa Chahal Sabag (also written Sabbag or Sabbagh), (born 11 December 1953, in Tripoli, Lebanon; died 25 August 2008 in Paris, France), was a Lebanese film director, producer and screen-writer born to an Iraqi mother and Lebanese father. She died from cancer at the age of 54. (See below for individual film awards and nominations) Sabag began her career with documentary films but shifted to feature films by the 1990s, though she retained ‘a documentary-maker's nose for contentious subject matter’. She is reported to have said,“You discover in my films a common denominator. You notice that the camera only moves from right to left exactly like Arabic writing.” Les Infidèles, a 1997 drama, is about the relationship between a French diplomat and a former Islamist who agrees to turn over the names of his colleagues if the French government will release an imprisoned friend. Civilisées (A Civilized People) released in 1999, is a black comedy about the Lebanese Civil War, which killed at least 100,000 people.



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