Petr Ginz

Petr Ginz (February 1, 1928 – September 28, 1944) was a Czechoslovak boy of Jewish descent who was deported to the Terezín concentration camp during the Holocaust. He died at the age of sixteen when he was transferred to Auschwitz concentration camp and gassed. Petr was born into the family of Otto Ginz, a Jewish manager of the export department of a textile company from Prague and notable Esperantist, and Marie Ginz (née Dolanská). His parents met at an Esperantist congress. His mother was from Hradec Kralove where her father was a village teacher. Petr got frequent visits from his relatives during Christmas including his grandfather who owned an antique shop in Jungmanovo Square where he sold rare books. Petr was a very intelligent boy; between the ages of 8 and 14 he wrote 5 novels: From Prague to China, The Wizard from Altay Mountains, Journey to the Centre of the Earth, Around the World in One Second and A Visit from Prehistory — the only surviving novel today. The novels, including Návštěva z pravěku (English: Visit from Prehistory), were written in the style of Jules Verne and illustrated with his own paintings. He was interested in the sciences and yearned for knowledge.


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