Peter Engel

Peter Engel is a television producer who is best known for his teenage sitcoms which appeared on TNBC, a former Saturday morning block on NBC which featured all teenage-oriented programs for educational purposes. His most well known work was the teenage sitcom Saved by the Bell which inspired the birth of the TNBC block for his other shows such as California Dreams, Hang Time and City Guys in the 1990s. Engel's foray into teenage sitcoms began in 1986 when he was approached by then-NBC programming executive Brandon Tartikoff about producing shows for the 10-14 age demographic. At first, Engel was not interested. He later changed his mind after a conversation with his wife reminded him of how he had always talked about doing shows that his own children could grow up on. For a period, he also served as the dean of the School of Communication and the Arts at Pat Robertson's Regent University. Peter had nearly a 20-year relationship with the Christian Broadcasting Network before joining the staff at Regent. After a visit in 2002, he was impressed with the new communications center, which includes two theaters, a state-of-the-art animation lab, editing suites, and TV and film studios.


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