Noboru Iguchi

Noboru Iguchi (井口昇, Iguchi Noboru) is a Japanese film director, screenwriter and actor. He has worked as a director in adult video (AV) as well as in the horror and gore genres. Iguchi was born on June 28, 1969. In an interview he said he was influenced in his work by the ghost houses and freak shows he went to as a child in Japanese play lands and that his aim in his films is to both entertain and surprise. In his extensive career as an AV director, Iguchi has worked for a number of studios including CineMagic, Big Morkal, Try-Heart, h.m.p and Soft On Demand (SOD). Nana Natsume and Risa Coda have been among the AV Idols featured in his videos. His videos have explored several of the typical Japanese AV genres, from incest for SOD to "nakadashi", bondage, group sex and some enema fetish videos for CineMagic. His video Final Pussy starring Nana Natsume won the Best Rental Video Award at the 2005 SOD Awards. In this January 2005 video, Natsume's character (as the result of a military experiment gone wrong) has guns burst from her breasts when sexually aroused. The special makeup effects were by Yoshihiro Nishimura.



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