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Michael Oliver

Michael Oliver (born October 10, 1981) is a former American child actor of the 1990s. Oliver is best known for his role as "Junior" in two Problem Child movies. Born Michael Oliverius in Los Angeles, California, Oliver's career started at the age of 2. His first job was as a model in a Sears catalog. At age 6, he appeared in a Chevron commercial where he wore glasses and had his voice dubbed over. After seeing Oliver in the Chevron commercial, a casting agent for the film Problem Child tracked Oliver down and cast him in the role days later. Problem Child debuted in 1990. Oliver's appearance reminded people of a young Ron Howard as "Opie Taylor" in the Andy Griffith Show. It became a "surprise hit", spawned two sequels and an animated series. Problem Child 2 followed in 1991, however the script was considered not par with the original and repeatedly resorted to adult language thus limiting the film's overall appeal. On a 2011 episode of the radio show Loveline Michael Oliver called in while Problem Child co-star Gilbert Gottfried was guest hosting. It was the first time they had spoken to each other since filming Problem Child 2.


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