Marion Mack

Marion Mack (8 April 1902 - 1 May 1989) was an American film actress and scriptwriter best known for co-starring with Buster Keaton in the silent film, The General. Born Joey Marion McCreery in Mammoth, Utah she moved to Hollywood in 1920 and got a job working for Mack Sennett. After appearing in several short films for Sennett, she co-wrote and appeared in a semi-autobiographical film, Mary of the Movies. In 1927 she was cast in her best known role as Annabelle Lee, the estranged girlfriend of Buster Keaton's character, Johnnie Gray, in The General. She found the strain of such a long period, 6 months, on location away from her husband so great that she decided to quit acting and concentrate on scriptwriting instead. This second career she kept quiet and she was not credited as a scriptwriter until the 1938 film Streamlined Swing. After World War II she took up yet another career as a real estate agent. The General was not a commercial or critical success when first released but in the 1970s interest in the film took off again and Mack attended many showings at festivals.


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