Lew Rywin

Lew Rywin (born November 10, 1945 in a Nizhnyi Alkeyev, Siberia, USSR) is a Polish film film producer associated with Heritage Films (est. 1991). He has also been a member of the Polish Radio and TV committee and worked in an agency, Polytel, producing for Polish state-run TV. He participated in producing such films as Steven Spielberg's Schindler's List, Roman PolaƄski's The Pianist, and Jan Jakub Kolski's Pornografia. His last film was never produced. It was about the life of Holocaust survivor Herman Rosenblat (with producers Harris Salomon and Abi Sirokh). The film was titled "Love is a Survivor" and was later changed to "The Flower of the Fence". Altogether, he has served in a producer role in the making of 27 movies.


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