Leo Fitzpatrick

Leonardo Aurellio Randy "Leo" Fitzpatrick (born August 10, 1978) is an American actor. Leo Fitzpatrick was born in West Orange, New Jersey. He was discovered at age 14 by director Larry Clark at Washington Square Park in New York City, skateboarding. Fitzpatrick was trying to perform certain skating tricks, and every time he was unsuccessful, he would scream and curse. Clark cast him in the movie Kids and later in his follow-up feature, Bully. Fitzpatrick has claimed that some people have harassed him because of the character he played in Kids, believing it was a documentary instead of fiction. He appeared in other films including Storytelling and City of Ghosts and in the HBO series Carnivàle, Some Guy Who Kills People and The Wire. In 2001, he appeared in CKY2K. In 2010, Fitzpatrick appeared in FX's TV series Sons of Anarchy.


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