Keith Parry

Keith John Parry (born 22 November 1949) is a British actor and comedian, best known for his roles in the sitcom Life on the Block and in the soap opera Coronation Street. Keith John Parry was born at the Royal London Hospital on Whitechapel Road in Whitechapel, London, England. Parry was born into a working class, his father John (1922–1984) being a joiner and his mother Caroline (born 1926) being a midwife. Parry has an older sister, Ivy (born 1948), and two younger brothers Albert (1951–2012) - who died from a heart attack in January 2012 - and William (born 1952). Parry trained to become a performer at the University of London. Parry's stand-up routines are shown as fuzzy and warm-hearted humour, with often an occasion addition of adult humour. Parry stated in an interview "I do not see the point of being crude while doing comedy. You don't have to be crude to be funny, it's absolutely pointless. I mean, maybe the occasional adult humour would not hurt but I have no time for those who spend their time insulting the audience or making offensive jokes about sex or religion." Parry has been doing stand-up comedy longer than he has been appearing in television.


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