Farid Shawki

Farid Shawki Mohammad Abduh Badawi (Arabic: فريد شوقي محمد عبده بدوي‎) (July 30, 1920 in Cairo - July 27, 1998) known as Farid Shawki (Arabic: فريد شوقي ‎) was an Egyptian actor, screenwriter and film producer. In his life, he acted in 361 films, 12 plays and 12 television series; wrote 22 film scripts; and produced 26 films. He was also known as Malek El Terso ("The King of the Third Class" - a reference to his popularity among the poor, who bought third-class seats in movie theatres), as "Wahsh Ash shashah Al Arabiyah the Monster of the Arab Silver Screen" in honor of his various roles of beloved hero, as Farid Bay ("Sir Farid", an informal title of respect), and as Abu el-Banat ("father of all girls", a reference to his having five daughters and no sons). In a career spanning almost 60 years, Shawki starred, produced, or wrote the scenario of over 400 films - more than the films produced collectively by the whole Arab world - in addition to theatre, television and video plays. His popularity covered the whole of the Arab World, including Turkey where he acted in some films there, and directors always addressed his as ' Farid Bay' (Sir Farid) as a sign of respect.


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