Disinformation is an experimental electronic music and sound art project, run by artist Joe Banks, which (since 1995) pioneered the use of electromagnetic (radio) noise from live mains electricity, lightning and electric storms, laboratory equipment, industrial, metro, railway and IT hardware, geomagnetic storms and (applying techniques of basic, home-brew radioastronomy) the sun etc, as the raw material of CD and LPs, DJ sets and concert performances, and sound art installations and events. After a period of initial research, Disinformation began releasing material that was published the record company Ash International - "Ghost Shells" / "Data Storm" (Ash 2.7 LP 1996), "Stargate" / "National Grid" / "Theophany" (Ash 3.2 LP 1996), "R" (Ash 2.9 CD 1996) and "R" (Ash 9.2 CD 1997).


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