Clive Morton

Clive Morton (16 March 1904 – 24 September 1975) was an English actor who made many screen appearances, especially on television. In 1955, he appeared in Laurence Olivier's Richard III and is recalled by fans of Doctor Who for his role as Trenchard in The Sea Devils in 1972. He was Commander Rogue in the first series of the fondly-remembered children's TV series Rogue's Rock in 1974. One of his last roles was as an aged butler in an episode of Upstairs Downstairs. Morton was also a Shakespearian actor and an Associate Artiste of the Royal Shakespeare Company. In the 1964 'Histories' Repertoire he played the Bishop of Carlisle in Richard the Second, The Earl of Worcester in Henry IV and the ferocious Earl of Talbot in Henry VI. Morton was married to Fresh Fields actress Fanny Rowe.


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