Charles Urban

Charles Urban (April 14, 1867 – August 29, 1942) was an Anglo-American film producer and distributor, and one of the most significant figures in British cinema before the First World War. He was a pioneer of the documentary, educational, propaganda and scientific film, as well as being the producer of the world's first successful motion picture colour system. Urban was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. Urban first entered the film industry in 1895 when he exhibited the Kinetoscope in Detroit, Michigan in 1895. He moved to Britain in 1897, and became managing director of the Warwick Trading Company, where he specialised in actuality film, including newsfilm of the Anglo-Boer War. In 1903 he formed his own company, the Charles Urban Trading Company, moving to London's Wardour Street in 1908, the first film business to be located in what became the home of the British film industry. In 1903, he created a one-minute-long science film named The Cheese Mites which features cheese mites crawling around on a piece of Stilton. It was an early science film, possibly the first made for the public, and as such amazed viewers.


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