Boris Yefimov

Boris Yefimovich Yefimov (Russian: Бори́с Ефи́мович Ефи́мов; September 28, 1899 or 1900 – October 1, 2008) was a Soviet political cartoonist best known for his critical political caricatures of Adolf Hitler and other Nazis produced before and during the Second World War, and was the chief illustrator of the newspaper Izvestia. During his 90-year career he produced more than 70,000 drawings. Yefimov was born in Kiev as Boris Fridlyand (Friedland), the second son of a Jewish shoemaker. His father was Yefim Moiseyevich Fridlyand (1860–1945); his mother was Rakhil Savelyevna (1880–1969). Shortly after his birth, his family moved to Białystok, where he grew up alongside his older brother Mikhail (who became the famous journalist Mikhail Koltsov, arrested during the Great Purge and executed in 1940). During the First World War, his family fled the advancing German armies and returned to Kiev, where he pursued legal studies. He began to express his emotions through caricatures of politicians, the first of which were published in 1919 and circulated in the Kievian Red Army.


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