B.F. Zeidman

B. F. Zeidman (October 4, 1896 – August 7, 1970) was a Hollywood producer whose long film career began while he was still in his teens during the era of silent film. He was born Benjamin “Bennie” Zeidman at Philadelphia, the middle of five children raised by Joseph and Clara Zeidman. Bennie’s birth-mother most likely died sometime around the turn of the century leaving his father to wed Clara about 1902. His father was Russian, as were his mother and step-mother, and supported his family as an owner of a Philadelphia area butcher shop. As early as 1914 Bennie was working as script editor for Echo Studios in New York and the following year as a publicist for Lubin Studios. Over the next several years he would work in a similar capacity for D. W. Griffith, Fine Arts Films, Yorke-Metro Studios and Douglas Fairbanks. In 1922 Bennie produced the film “Where's My Wandering Boy Tonight?”, and would go on to produce or co-produce some twenty-six films over the following twenty-two years including Prison Train, Grand Central Murder and the 1936 documentary, “Beneath the Seas". His last two productions were the Laurel and Hardy films Air Raid Wardens and Nothing But Trouble.


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