Bernardino Zapponi

Bernardino Zapponi (September 4, 1927- February 11, 2000) was an Italian novelist and screenwriter best known for his films written in collaboration with Federico Fellini. Zapponi was born in Rome in 1927. He began his literary career writing for Orlando and Marc'Aurelio, two well-established Italian satirical magazines, later branching out into radio and television. An expert in literary innovation, Zapponi founded the cult magazine Il Delatore (The Spy), published four novels including Gobal, a famous collection of short stories, as well as songs, plays and theatre sketches. Revered for his work with Fellini, he also collaborated on films by Dino Risi and co-wrote Dario Argento's Deep Red. Zapponi first met Fellini in July 1967 during pre-production of the Toby Dammit segment in the omnibus film, Histoires extraordinaires after Fellini had abandoned his ambitious project, The Voyage of G. Mastorna. While recovering from a devastating illness (provoked by the Mastorna fiasco), Fellini read Zapponi's Gobal and hoped to convince French producer, Raymond Eger, of financing one of its short stories.


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