Anne Perry

Anne Perry (born 28 October 1938) is an English author of historical detective fiction. Perry was convicted of the murder of her friend's mother in 1954. Born Juliet Marion Hulme in Blackheath, London, the daughter of Dr. Henry Hulme, an English physicist, Perry was diagnosed with tuberculosis as a child and sent to the Caribbean and South Africa in hopes that a warmer climate would improve her health. She rejoined her family when her father took a position as Rector of the University of Canterbury, New Zealand when she was 13. She attended Christchurch Girls' High School, then located in what became the Cranmer Centre. Together with her school friend Pauline Parker, Hulme murdered Parker's mother, Honora Rieper, in June 1954. Hulme's parents were in the process of separating, and she was supposed to go to South Africa to stay with a relative. The two teenage girls, who had created a rich fantasy life together populated with famous actors such as James Mason and Orson Welles, did not want to be separated. They had hoped to go to England with Hulme's father after the divorce. On 22 June 1954, the girls took Honora Rieper for a walk in Victoria Park in their hometown of Christchurch.


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