Agnes von Krusenstjerna

Agnes von Krusenstjerna (October 9, 1894 - March 10, 1940) was a Swedish writer and noble. She was a controversial writer whose books challenged the moral standards of the day and was the center of a great literary controversy of the freedom of speech. Krusenstjerna was born in Växjö and brought up in Gävle. Niece of Edvard von Krusenstjerna, she was born in to the nobility. She was educated at the teacher's academy of Anna Sandström in Stockholm. She debuted as a writer with the girl's novel Ninas dagbok (1917) and hade her breakthrough in with the Tony novel series (1922-26) about a girl's development in a noble inviromnet. The Tony seres was greatly controversial, as it depicted sexual themes as well as mental disorders, which made Krusenstjerna controversial. Sexuality was, before the 1920s, not mentioned in novels, and her books depicted sex and intercourse.


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