Which movies on Fandor pass the Bechdel Test?

The Bechdel test, named after American cartoonist Alison Bechdel, first made its public appearance in the 1980's. It asks three simple questions to evaluate whether the filmmaker portrays female characters with at least a bare minimum of depth. We find it's a great way to examine the films we watch, and to ask ourselves whether we're supporting cinema that offers a diversity of voices.

It may also be true, as Walt Hickey recently pointed out that featuring meaningful interactions between women is good for business.

More info on the Bechdel test

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Take the Bechdel Test and support diversity in film.

When you are watching a film, ask yourself:

  1. Are there two or more named female characters?
  2. Do they talk with each other?
  3. About something other than a man?

Let's work together to make sure all voices are heard!

While we think there is a time and place for the latest shoot-em up we strongly believe that those aren't the only movies worth seeing. There's a great number of wonderful films that also meet the criteria above. Let's help each other find them. Each time you view a film on Fandor, take the test. If the film passes we'll flag it as meeting the Bechdel Test requirements and add it to this page.

Films on Fandor that pass the Bechdel test

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