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Timothy Leary's Dead


directed by Paul Davids, 63 minutes

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Journalizing his final year before dying of cancer in May 1996, Dr. Timothy Leary encouraged everyone to "turn on, tune in and drop out." The film captures the real man behind the legend: interviews with friends, colleges and family pepper the storyline that made-up the multi-faceted man who was author, psychologist, teacher, guru, fugitive-from-justice and dignified humorist. We see him in his experimental 1960s, the hippie '70s, his thoughtful '80s and the futuristic '90s. We see his musings on life and death and, after succumbing to the inevitable, we witness the (somewhat macabre) after-death cryogenic storage of his severed head for his optimistic, future generations to do with what they may.


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