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Rat Pack Rat


directed by Todd Rohal, 18 minutes


Eddie plays a Sammy Davis, Jr. impersonator hired via Craigslist to perform for a boy's birthday party. He arrives at the boy's home, meets the boy's mother and finds her living in a hoarder house. Despite the bleak surroundings, the woman is full of life and excited to meet Sammy Davis, Jr. She's homeschooled her son and kept him in the dark about modern music, movies and the outside world. The boy is a huge Rat Pack fan and his birthday present is a personal performance from the Candy Man himself.


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2 members found this review helpful Created 9 months ago.

Movies are the final frontier of the imagination. They bring to life with the power of the passing image a thousand words squared. Rat Pack Rat combines documentary and fantasy, cinema verité and horror film. This has to be one of the most disturbing vignettes i have ever seen. Poignant and pathetic, frightening and fabulous.

1 member found this review helpful Created 8 months ago.

What a strange, strangely haunting little film. An unlikely plot, unlikely and unlikable people, and yet it is a high order of movie-making. I have no idea what the director will do next, but if I see his name I'm more than very likely to see his work. It's a terrific showcase for a talented director.

Created 9 months ago.

Very sad....Didn't care for the content.

Created 8 months ago.

Creepy, but very profound, and in a way that's hard to explain.

Created 8 months ago.

Weird, tasteless, waste of time.

Created 9 months ago.

Interesting and Different. Packed a lot of story in18 minutes!

Created 9 months ago.


Created 9 months ago.

that was the most disturbing thing i've ever seen. hands down.

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