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Winner of the "Tiger Award" at the 2006 International Film Festival Rotterdam.

Based on Jonathan Raymond’s short story and featuring a soundtrack from Yo La Tengo, Kelly Reichardt's second feature chronicles a short camping trip by two old friends to a quasi-mystical oasis, the Bagby Hot Springs, in Oregon’s lush Cascade Mountains. The actors in this Cain-and-Abel story are Kurt (musician/actor Will Oldham), a post-hippie with never-present promise, and Mark (Daniel London), the father-to-be, intent on putting the Kurt part of his life behind him but also silently nostalgic for a more carefree, radical past.

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Created over 2 years ago.

What was that? That was the worste movie I've ever seen! Was that some kind of underlying homosexual , I'm the other half here,and I thought there was homo/type matter also,but maybe even homo/cide!;]LOL!!!!!!!............

Created about 2 years ago.

I can relate to Mark with his pregnant wife and an old friend calls up and wants to relive the old days but it ain't the same. Mark he thinks back on the past and how it's different now he is married and is a father. The soundtrack is good. Better than reality TV right?

Created almost 2 years ago.

I suppose the characterization of the film that appears in the blurb is accurate, except that I see the film as a study of friendship as well as a coming of age study. The dialog that speaks the most to me is Mark's reassurance to his friend, "I never doubted you, man." The fact, too, that Mark fends off his wife's phone calls asking when he would be home shows the importance Mark places on his friendship with his old friend. I think, also, that the silences enjoyed by the old friends speaks to their comfort with and acceptance of one another.

Created 9 months ago.

The scenery alone is worth seeing this movie, The conversation is meaningless no real acting. Just 2 guys hanging out. Kinda boring. I expected .more.

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