He Has Nothing But Kung Fu


also known as: Gong fu xiao zi | Gangbusters Kung-Fu

directed by Chia Yung Liu, 91 minutes

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Mature audiences only.

Directed by the legendary Liu Chia Yung and starring Liu Chia Fai and Wang Yue, HE HAS NOTHING BUT KUNG FU has been hailed as one of the best kung fu films of all time. After a fierce battle with the local hoodlums, Hoi is thrown over an embankment and left for dead. However, Hoi survives the ordeal but has lost all of his memory. His fateful meeting with a beggar leads to their teaming up as "Kung fu's deadly duo!" HE HAS NOTHING BUT KUNG FU has nothing but mind-boggling kung fu fighting! As true to the "chopsocky" theme, the dubbing is questionable and the fighting is incredible. The title sequence (presented in a scrunched anamorphic frame that suggests a hint of the proper aspect ratio that is lost in the rest of the transfer) sets the tone: not too serious but prepared to kick serious ass!

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Created over 2 years ago.

really great plot for a kung fu movie, still plays with the early kung-fu film practice of quick and decisive ending

Created over 2 years ago.

pretty good!

Created almost 2 years ago.

It Was Good

Created over 1 year ago.


Created over 1 year ago.


Created over 1 year ago.

good movie

Created over 1 year ago.

one of the good ones!!!

Created over 1 year ago.

It kept freezing up all through the movie. I like most of all of Gordon Liu movies, but most martial arts movie that i enjoy don't have guns or cars in them. over all it was ok.

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