Black Shampoo


directed by Greydon Clark, 84 minutes

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John Daniels stars as Jonathan Knight, the owner of the most successful hair salon for women on the Sunset Strip. Jonathan is tall, muscular, black and ballsy. His reputation as a lover has become so awesome that he is sought after almost as much in that capacity as in his experience as a hair stylist. Everything is cool for Jonathan until he messes with the mob in an effort to protect his young, attractive receptionist from her former boss. Action explodes when the "lovin' machine" becomes the "killing machine." Jonathan, equipped with chainsaw in hand, gets down on the vicious mob gang.

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Created over 2 years ago.

decent acting for the genre...could have delved deep into the characters

Created about 2 years ago.

Better than most of the genre.

0 of 1 users found this helpful Created almost 2 years ago.

vwey boaring

Created 7 months ago.

not really

0 of 1 users found this helpful Created over 1 year ago.

I Love.

Created over 1 year ago.

It was all about grievience, lust, and coming out on the Top. In this sequel of Black Shampoo is without love.

0 of 1 users found this helpful Created over 1 year ago.


Created over 1 year ago.

my kind of movie---keep them coming--from the 70's--please

Created almost 2 years ago.

cute a little to solw and stops to much.

Created almost 2 years ago.

awesome gratuitous nudity. Nonsense plot. I loved it.

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