Mario Bava


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Five Dolls for an August Moon

You don’t watch this movie for the plot. It's a heap of nonsensical clichés scotch-taped together. You don’t watch it for the performances. Everybody looks groovy, like they all walked...

Baron Blood

Antonio Cantafora looks like Clint Eastwood fused with Alain Delon. The introduction is reminiscent of something out of a hokey 1970s tv pilot, complete with sedated "Love Boat" type jingles....

Five Dolls for an August Moon

Wow. That film was bad. Mystery Science Theater 3000 bad.

Black Sabbath


Lisa and the Devil

One of those Italian spooky-house horror flicks --abundantly false-eyelashed young woman is stranded in an Italian villa or palazzo or castel where various occult/paranormal/spooooky things go on. Promisingly, it's directed...