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Mario Bava


Recent Reviews

Lisa and the Devil

One of those Italian spooky-house horror flicks --abundantly false-eyelashed young woman is stranded in an Italian villa or palazzo or castel where various occult/paranormal/spooooky things go on. Promisingly, it's directed...

Blood and Black Lace

It is 1964, somewhere in Italy, a world in which everyone has beehives for hairdos, cat eyes for maquillage, works in a palazzo and lives in a penthouse. But one...


"Last House on the Left"... in an Alfa Romeo. As usual, Mario Bava's masterful cinematography and sharp editing make B-grade material fit for the Michelin Guide. The movie starts with...

The Whip and the Flesh

Too dark, too slow. Too much.

Blood and Black Lace

very amusing, prob more so if shorter.