Georges Méliès



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The Terrible Turkish Executioner

The surreal, the illusory, the eternally captivating. Such George Méliès' fantastic, outlandish imagination. The Terrible Turkish Executioner is two minutes of a static shot and unchanging scene, but the ingenuity...

A Trip to the Moon

cool as a cheesy moon

A Trip to the Moon

When this first started I thought I was just ridiculous, then I watched and became mesmerized, but it wasn’t until the mushrooms appeared that I knew what this was all...

The Woes of Roller Skates

Good for a laugh, especially seeing the cops on rollerskates!

A Trip to the Moon

Not just the first classic science fiction film, but the first true film classic, now in color! A hand-painted copy of A Trip to the Moon surfaced in 1993, in...