There's no place like Fandor to watch indie films

There's no place like Fandor.

We're a bunch of film fanatics and we're here to help.

There are so many amazing movies out there – more than you've ever imagined, from all over the world: shorts, indies, festival films, forgotten classics, art-house rarities (the list goes on). Our job at Fandor is to make it easy for you to find and watch them.

How easy? Incredibly easy. We built Fandor with curation and discovery in mind from top to bottom. We start you off with a rich library of hand-picked selections that capture stories from different cultures, time periods, and genres. Then we give you tools and insights to help you explore and make your own great discoveries. As if that wasn't enough, we also give you shortcuts, like a 24/7/365 film mixtape we call the Fandor Channel, and a Spotlight for themed groups of specially-selected favorites, and Journey into Film, a set of guided tours into unexplored realms of cinema.

Pull up a chair! There's a whole world of great stories just waiting for you.

Fandor carefully curates the best independent movies
Surprise. Delight. Movies!

Fandor is a home for anyone who wants to experience the transformative power of film, explore the world through a screen from the comfort of home, or just have a really enjoyable couple of hours.

People don't just watch films. They feel them, experience them, learn from them. At Fandor, we may not always have the exact movie you're searching for, but we promise you'll find something to incite your passions -- or at the very least, pique your interest.

We've got thousands of movies from over a hundred countries, drawn from every decade of filmmaking practice beginning with the 1890s. We've got undisputed masterpieces of cinema and overlooked festival gems from yesteryear, schlocky zombie musicals, forgotten noirs, chopsocky martial arts extravaganzas, and more, hand-picked from more than 200 genres and subgenres. We're not kidding around.

Fandor supports indie filmmakers
For the love of film.

Most other online movie-screening sites provide little or no direct benefit to filmmakers. We think that's outrageous.

As film fans, we believe in supporting the community that brings us great films (it's only fair). Half of your subscription fee goes to creators.

This means that for every $2 we take in, we pay $1 to filmmakers or distributors, depending on who owns the rights. As a subscriber, you can bask in karmic goodness knowing that you're helping the film's creators – we pay them based on how much time their film gets watched, even if it's just a few seconds.

Discover indie, classic, and foriegn films on Fandor
A perfect pair – films and friends.

The only joy greater than discovering a favorite movie is sharing it with your friends. Or trashing it. Or debating it.

No matter which way you like to share your love of movies, we've made it super easy to talk about your favorite films and filmmakers on Twitter and Facebook. You can integrate your Facebook or Pinterest accounts to get conversations started there – or if you'd rather not, don't worry about it! It's entirely up to you.

We're glad you're here. Happy viewing!

Team Fandor