Our Mission

To create a global community of film lovers and makers connected by meaningful and entertaining cinematic experiences.

How do we accomplish this?

  • Content
  • Curation
  • Context
  • Community
  • Connection
  • Commitment
  • We are the home of thousands of award winning films of all types, lengths and genres, from around the world
  • All of our films are either fun, important, life-altering or simply necessary
  • We handpick each film, offering hundreds of unique genres, from classic crime to rockumentary to extraterrestrial horror
  • We enable our members to discover and share great films through diverse tools, ranging from Movie Lists to our referral program
  • Through our Spotlights, trailers, newsletters and podcasts, we show entertaining connections between our films
  • Keyframe, our digital film art and culture magazine, is the home of video essays, reviews, analysis, interviews, anthologies and insightful commentary on the world of film
  • Keyframe Daily delivers up to the minute film news and festival updates
  • Our film descriptions are composed by the top journalists in cinema
  • Our broad selection covers the global history of film, in all its forms


  • We are a community of explorers and passionate consumers that share a love of cinema
  • We reach hundreds of thousands of cinema fans across our social channels
  • We start and foster important conversations around film through programs like ReInvent Hollywood and our blogs, The Fandorian, Hammer to Nail and Hope for Film
  • We support the larger film ecosystem through strategic partnerships with festivals (F|FA) and filmmakers (FIX)
  • We are developing deeper relationships with distributors, exhibitors, schools and sponsors
  • We provide a network effect for our partners that generates greater opportunities for promotion, affiliate sales, cost reduction, new revenue streams, increased efficiencies and expanded reach
  • We are at the nexus of entertainment and technology
  • We are available on set-top, desktop and mobile devices
  • We deliver the tools to enable the connection of transformative content to an engaged community through our data and customer knowledge
  • We deliver a fair revenue share to the rights holders
  • We digitize our films using the most advanced technology to provide a uniquely satisfying viewing experience
  • We are dedicated to the advancement and preservation of film art and culture