Double Play

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Double Play

Directed by Gabe Klinger, 70 minutes " enjoyable as only a good carefully chewed over conversation between creative equals can be." - Nick James, Sight & Sound

Spotlight on Costumes


Spotlight on Costumes

Transforming characters and transcending time.

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DOUBLE PLAY: James Benning, Richard Linklater and Baseball as a Metaphor for Filmmaking

Self-taught cineastes James Benning and Richard Linklater both understand that film is a process of organizing time, and that scoring rallies are rare.

Fandor FIX: Festival Edition!

Fandor News

Fandor FIX: Festival Edition!

We recently launched the exciting new Fandor FIX initiative focusing on the independent filmmakers we love, and every few weeks will be introducing new “FIXers”. This week,  the synchronicity so essential to the magic of cinema is fully present, as all of our FIX filmmakers are involved with recent and current film festivals that we love! 

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